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Cameroonians and Nigerians Marched To Show Their Support For Troops Fighting Boko Haram

While thousands of Cameroonians marched in their capital city  Yaounde on Saturday  28 of February ,many Nigerians did same in Abuja the capital city of Nigeria. They all marched to show their support for the efforts the African troops are  putting to bring an  end to the massive Islamist killing of the innocent in the name of Fighting western civilization.

The march in Cameroon was aimed at informing the all Cameroonians especially those of the southern region about the treat posed and  Boko Haram's cross border attacks on parts of Nigeria Yahoo News says

over the past months Nigerian and Cameroonian military men have been in serious battle with Boko Harram but their recent victories  have prompted the civilians to  go out for a public demonstration to show concern and demonstration

Yahoo news was able to talk to one of the march organizers 

"It was important to tell Cameroonians that we are at war and a part of the country is suffering," said Gubai Gatama, a newspaper editor who was among the march's organizers. "About 150,000 people have been displaced by the conflict"

"Some 170 schools in Cameroon's northern region have been closed," Gatama said.
 everyone is hoping that this is going to a step forward to encourage the soldiers as the two countries are showing support and concern for the efforts.

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