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CAPEC Campaign's for a Safe School for Girls- "Stop Sexual harassment in Schools”


Sexual harassment in schools and in social gatherings is an unwanted and unwelcome behaviour of a sexual nature that interferes with the right to receive an equal educational opportunity (girls are usually victims of these acts). It is a form of sex discrimination that should be prohibited. Some sexually harassing behaviour that can interfere with one’s educational opportunity is: unwanted physical contacts, assault attempted or completed rape and child sexual abuse.

This ill act have for a long time affected the educational lives of victims. A safe school for girls and everyone vulnerable to such acts is what every society should provide it’s youths.

CAPEC group, in continues effort to eradicate such activities from the Cameroonian society is planning on holding a campaign, “Safe School for Girls, Stop Sexual Harassment” to raise awareness on the negative impacts of sexual harassment in the school milieu.

In a brainstorming meeting last week, the CAPEC team outlined the various forms of harassments and the possible solutions to them that will be addressed during the campaign in Kumba municipality, Cameroon.

The campaign scheduled for the 5th of October will serve as an eye opener to all students and teachers of the town especially as it coincides with the international Teachers Day.

To achieve success out of this campaign, questionnaires will be administered; t-shirts, flyers and some other campaign materials will be distributed in schools.

Considering that people have different ideas and approaches, CAPEC will like to get your opinions or suggestions on this topic.

What are the areas you think we should not allow untouched?

What do you think we can do to achieve a great impact in the lives of these people?

For information or inquiries please contact us @

Phone: 2 42 03 01 63

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CAPEC-114794475378437/timeline/

Email: info@capecam.org

Website: www.capecam.org

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