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Outcome of the CAPEC CAMPAIGN: “Stop Sexual harassment in Schools”

CAPEC group, in continues effort to ensure gender equality, eradicate sexual violence and related activities from the Cameroonian society campaigned, seriously last Monday 5th of October in Yaounde against such acts. Advocating for a “Safe School for Girls, Stop Sexual Harassment” was the main theme of this campaign.

Rape and sexual harassment has for some time affected the educational and social lives of many young students, especially girls. The negative impact of these activities on the lives of victims has reached a level that if not stopped will cause heavier damage in future.

CAPEC’s serious interaction with schools on Monday was a great experience for both the schools and the team.

Questionnaires were administered to get peoples view on sexual violence in schools, T-shirts and flyers were shared to encourage the fight against these mal practices in a school milieu.

CAPEC is determined to eradicate sexual violence in Cameroon and Yaounde in particular.

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Website: www.capecam.org

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