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Carotino Palm Oil: You Have Tried The Rest,Now Taste The Best!

Carotino Healthier Cooking Oil, is a vitamin-rich blend of red palm fruit oil and rapeseed oil. It is used in traditional and ethnic cooking and is a range of superior pure red palm products. Unlike the low grade, unhealthy and impure cooking oil imported from Africa, Carotino has a very high production standadrd and is produced in a controlled hygienic condition. Most people from the ethnic backgrounds have concerns about health/diet and there has been a gap in the market for a healthier product aimed at these customers for some time.

Carotino Red Palm oil came in at the right time, when people are looking at the healthiest option rather than the cheapest option. 

There are separate product lines available: 

Pure red palm oil in bottles (CP500)
Semi solid consistency when warmed (poured out of  bottles)
Fully refined (removing all impurities and giving a less intense flavour.)

Mild and lighter taste
Used mostly for frying (can also be used in British/European cooking)
Used in cooking by many ethnic groups
Available in bottles - 3 sizes (500ml, 1 litre, 3.3 litre) 

Pure red palm oil in jars (NVROLB)
Solid (scooped out of container)
Semi-refined (removing all impurities but leaving some raw oil for greater taste/texture)
Stronger and richer with authentic taste for traditional cooking
Mainly used in African cooking 
Delicious palm fruit smell
Available in one size currently, 907g jars

The two products have different textures, flavours and consistencies and are used in different types of cooking. However, they share a number of common values and could still be used to prepared the same food. The values found in Carotino products are;

Rich in Pro-Vitamin A and Vitamin E and other nutrients
Refined or semi-refined to remove all impurities
Premium quality 
Manufactured to the highest international standards
Sourced from environmentally sustainable sources
Certified Halal
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

The product is semi refined to remove all impurities, but as some of the raw oil is retained so is the rich, authentic flavour of red palm which is so sought after in many traditional African recipes. (eg. Fish, meat and vegetables meals)

Carotino products are refined using a unique patented, chemical free process which retains the natural goodness and nutrients of red palm fruit.
It is ethically sourced from environmentally sustainable plantations and the group is a member of the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and are manufactured to the highest international standards (ISO9000/HACCP). It also has all the relevant international accreditation

The Carotino Red Palm Oil experience gives customers the benefits of cooking with a tasty, traditional product which is purer, sustainably sourced and manufactured to 21st century standards of health and hygiene. It is now sold is most upermarkets (Tesco, Asda, Morrisons) and most African supermarket distributed by Jumbo cash and cary. Visit the website for more about carotino- www.carotino.co.uk 

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