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Tinsels, garlands, wreaths, bright colourful lights mark this time of the year.

Yep! It’s the festive season. How do you celebrate? Are you one of those who is secretly competing with their neighbours on who has the best lit house? The definition of Christmas has not changed a lot in my view. It’s all still about merriment (at the birth of Christ), gifts sharing (The gifts presented by the 3 wise men) and sparkle (the shining star). The thing I remember most from my childhood days is Christmas lights. As a child I literally adored Christmas lights and would sleep under the  Christmas tree just to gaze at the twinkling lights in glee. In my spare time I walked around the village reviving my love for this end of year tradition. The houses in Netley Abbey in Southampton are dressed in gorgeous colours. 

The shopping mall is one of those  places i like spending my spare time on christmas eve.
I and my bestie( my camera) went on a rampage and amidst rushing parents , bewildered children,baby prams, roving merchants...can you make out the picture? Its the christmas market!' yeah..!'
the scenery was just amazing and i thought i immortalise this moments and details for you dear FabAfans.
I raise my camera to them and zoom!!!

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