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CMA CGM inaugurates Platform in Cameroon

The 3CTC platform that has been operational since January 7th, inaugurated on February 19 its logistics platform near the Douala Port.  The CMA CGM Group is an ocean carrier and has invested up to 5 million euros for a specialized entity called CMA CGM Inland Services.

200 to 300 containers have already been installed In the 3CTC terminal (CMA CGM Cameroon Container Terminal) to relieve some of the enormous congestion facing the port of Douala for several months. With this new platform, the CMA CGM Group offers its clients a complete range of logistics solutions:

- Full and/or empty containers storage in a 1,200 square meters secured area,

- Merchandises land transportation in Cameroon, Chad and Central African Republic

Actually, containers accumulate in the Douala Port, so this platform will reinforces the Group’s presence in Cameroon, offering Cameroon industrials imports and exports solutions with the entire world. The platform is located in a strategic area between Douala and the port, where it occupies two hectares.

In Cameroon, CMA CGM is also a candidate in the tender for the container terminal at Kribi, as it seeks to develop its own transshipment hub in West Africa, which would allow it to send larger vessels in the area


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