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"CONTRI COLLECTION" EB Kreations Embraces TOGHU for 2015 Ready to Wear Collection.

CONTRI: The Nostalgic feeling only Toghu ignites.
Toghu is our local Cameroonian design with a rich illustration of the gong and other cultural symbols on the print

Inspiration: I am inspired by the prestigious toghu design of the North West people of Cameroon
Since I started my little sojourn I have been working with West African prints and I suddenly developed a burden to do a proudly Cameroonian ready to wear collection.
The "contri closs" as locally known has been poorly represented in my country. Young people will say its for the old people. The bourgeoisie North westerners use it to portray luxury and royalty but I believe its our identity as Cameroonians and we should all toe the line and identify ourselves.

This is a proudly Cameroonian Collection and so I designed simple ready to wear pieces fused with elegance to cut across all age groups and With the right attitude these outfits can be worn to work, cocktails, church and casual visits.

Photography: core5medis
Makeup:Muenge for Zaron
Stylist: Ebangha

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