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The 2017 Corporate Women in Leadership Summit Registers Huge Success


The corporate women in leadership summit which took place on Friday the 17th of November at Pullman Douala Rabingha under the theme SHE BOOSTS HER was a memorable career growth summit. True to its objectives, the second edition of the summit brought together women and men of high corporate repute to share their experiences, professional challenges and strategies in a bid to inspire young female leaders of tomorrow's corporate world.

The conference started at 10:00am with a program rundown by the MC, Miss Happy Kelly. Mrs Lety Endeley Executive director of the summit and Regional Director, Continental ReInsurance gave a Welcome speech to all speakers and participants.

The conference was divided into 4 panel discussions with the first two panels focusing on Women Supporting each other grow at work, the third panel on Peace and Security at work and the last panel was a review of the 2016 Mentor- Mentee Program which was an initiative of the 2016 Women In Leadership Summit.

Ms Carole Leuwe moderated the first panel of discussion under the topic Collective vs competitive leadership (Women supporting each other) The keynote speaker for this panel was Mrs Dengoue Helene, Managing Director Blessing Petroleum and the other speakers were: Mr Bahi Marc Olivier, Deputy General Manager Beneficial Life Insurance, Mrs Fomekong Mireille Founder Senior Manager Ascese Consulting and Ms Jackie Patcha Supply Chain Manager Addax Petroleum.
The second panel was moderated by Miss Happy Kelly under the topic DEVELOPING LEADERSHIP POTENTIALS IN FEMALE WORKERs with Ms Patricia Berthelot,Deputy Managing Director at Les Brasseries du Cameroun as the Keynote Speaker. Other members of the panel were: Prisca Soares - Secretary General, African Insurance Organisation, Olabode Fashola - Head of Operations, Mediareach OMD, Celina Choi - Branch Manager, Kia Motors Cameroon and Sylvaine Moudeke Marketing and communication director SGC BANK. The main purpose of this panel was to identify the various ways through which female leaders could assist the younger working woman grow and excel in her career.

The third panel was moderated by Mrs Adeline Sede Kamga under the topic Peace and Security at work. Ms Lety Endeley was the Keynote speaker for this panel with Solange Kuimo Marketing and Innovations Director , Diageo Guinness Cameroon, Henri Epesse Technical Advisor on Strategic and Legal Affairs, ENEO Cameroon,Dr Fon Elizabeth Chief Executive Officer, Tesho Foundation as speakers of the panel. They identified the various ways in which a worker may lack peace and security at work and concluded that a comfortable working environment is a major factor in workplace productivity.
The Corporate women in leadership mentor-mentee Program, which was initiated after the first edition of the summit last year registered an achievement of its goal to connect participants to speakers for one on one career counsel through three mentors and mentees. These were: Mentor: Lety Endeley and her Mentee: Jeanninen Nsoga , second Mentor Clemance Nwonkap and her Mentee Bibiane Etoa Blanche and Jacquie Patcha and her mentee Monique. The Mentors and mentees shared their experiences and the conference closed with a call to action for this years’ participants to sign up for the mentoring program. Interviews and picture session followed suite.

The conference ended on a high note with a dinner party for Speakers later that evening. The 2016 Mentors were awarded for their hard work and Pullman Douala Rabingha was awarded for being a change agent.


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