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Coventry University &FabAfriq Magazine Hosts : SISTERS-IN-LAW 2017: MODELS OF EXCELLENCE


The Coventry Law School (The Global Leadership Program) & FabAfriq presents SISTERS-IN-LAW 2017: MODELS OF EXCELLENCE Which will unfold under the theme:“Intellectual Property Law, Equity in Publishing & Cultural Appropriation.

In line with the recent celebration of International Women’s' Day, this event focuses specifically on gender, by featuring internationally-acclaimed women involved in the legal profession or as passionate advocates of issues (in this case - Intellectual Property Law & Cultural Appropriation) currently on the front burner of the global legal mindscape.

The idea here is that while there are men capable of discussing the given theme, it would be a 'breath of fresh air' for both male and female attendees to listen to and engage with these intellectually acute 'Sisters' as they rap and bring their collective lego-cultural experiences to bear on the historical developments surrounding the matter in question. With the international legal climate improving, albeit slowly, this first-time CLS programme will be a compelling reminder that everyone can no longer ignore intellectual property protection.

Preparations are also being made to have the event streamed live as an Online International Learning (O.I.L) endeavour, to our Partner Institution the University of the West Indies (UWI), St. Augustine (Republic of Trinidad & Tobago), where the Q&A will be moderated by Dr Justin Koo, an IP Law specialist in the UWI Faculty of Law.

For everyone, especially UK-based who is enthusiastic about attending, please register early.

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