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DENCIA: "Sex Is Over-Rated And I Feel ..."

Cameroonian beauty queen, singer and Business woman in an interview with Encomium Magazine talks about her whitening cream and why she has not slept with a man for two years. She says "Sex is over-rated and sex is for lovers who are trying to make babies, I am not trying to do so, it is not in my agenda. I am saving energy and mileage. I have better things to waste energy on. I am not in a rush, marriage is a commitment, I just don’t see myself falling in love, having sex and being both heart broken. I have never been heart broken, I can’t take a heartbreak and one should expect anything from men these days.To avoid heartbreak if I meet any serious man we will meet the families, no sex for over six months.  So, in the process they might find out they don’t like me so I can quit easily".

Dencia just launced a whitening cream which she controversially denies is not for bleaching but for removal of dark spots and hyperpigmented skin yet recommending its use by non naturally fair skinned  people. She added that God does not give dark skin on another interview, and she cries out the whitening cream is out to help millions of people.

This has continued to raise concerns over the issue of Africans diminishing their natural melanin skin. She is determined to take  Whitenicious cream globally as she sold over 5000 units of the products it has been featured on MediaTakeOut and BET.

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