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Destiny Home Fundraising Gala, May 31st, 2019

What is Destiny Home?

Destiny Home, a non-political, non-profit, humanitarian organization, founded since December 4th, 2004, is organizing a fundraising gala for the construction of a befitting site that can meet up to the needs of accommodation for a centre such as theirs to cater for the needs of young mothers and their babies. But later on in 2009, it took a new orientation, focusing more on caring for orphans, impoverished and vulnerable children from ages 0-18.
Destiny Home seeks “To help restore and build lives by meeting the physical, social, and educational needs of one woman, one child at a time”. The main objective is to bring comfort, relief, and to give a better future to orphans, underprivileged and impoverished children and women by providing shelter and meeting their educational, material, physical, spiritual and emotional needs in order that they finally become independent and successful members of our society.

Why this fundraising?
The fundraising which is planned for May 31st 2019 is meant to raise funds to construct a centre. Since creation, they have moved through the different rented property which is usually not appropriately constructed to fit their very peculiar needs. Secondly, these homes are usually very expensive and they are sometimes asked to change location without warning.
This gala, which hopes to get twenty-five million francs together for the first phase of the project, is part of the mega-plan that seeks to raise funds that will make sure that a suitable, and permanent home is built for these less privileged members of our society that need our help more than ever.
This fundraising gala is programmed to take place on the 31st of May 2019 at Belavie Hotel Bonanjo, Douala at 7 pm. All individuals and organisations of goodwill are invited to come and help put a smile on the faces of these children who are in dire need of it.


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