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Do It Yourself Nails Care: Tips to Get Homemade Treat.

Now Ladies, who doesn’t like looking good? We all know what it takes to look good! Especially when our nails are concerned! Actually, the nails, let it be finger or toe, are always looked at and leave some kind of beauty impression in people’s mind.  We all know how much time and money consuming it can be to have our nails treated and polished. We will always need time but getting a homemade nails care is economical. Here are some tips to go about the whole business, let’s get started!
You first of all need tools and instruments.
A bowl of warm water, nail cutter, buffing block, nail polish remover, hand towel, transparent nail polish, nail file, and cotton.

These instruments won’t cost you much, just follow the steps!

1 Wash your hand with water and soap, wipe with hand towel.

 2 Use nail polish remover and cotton to remove old nail polish if any.  And get cotton ball to get rid of nail polish on nail contour.

3 Cut and file your nails using a nail cutter and a nail file.

4 Buff your nails with buffing block.

5 Soak hands in warm water with limes to soften cuticles and push them back with an orange wood stick or tooth pick.

6 Apply transparent nail polish as a base coat.


7 Then take your nail polish and apply two thin coats.
8 Allow to get dry few seconds and apply transparent nail polish as top coat.

9 Clean  up nail contours  if there are any smudges .


Now this is it! All you need to do is relax on your couch or sofa, don’t touch and allow for drying process!

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