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Beckham Is Old School, Drogba Launches New Men's wear

Didier Drogba, former Chelsea's forward just signed a deal with French underwear HOM. This ethical collaboration will benefit  his namesake charity, the Didier Drogba Foundation, aimed at enhancing educational and Healthcare programs in the Ivory Coast.
“By producing my own line of underwear I’m able to achieve two goals; to design a fashionable men’s underwear range, and to create a product that will directly support my charitable foundation – to aid in healthcare and education in the Ivory Coast,” Drogba said.

He also uses this opportunity to support the work of Ivory Coast Couturier Elli Kuame, who will work in close collaboration with HOM to produce roughly about 18 pieces of beachwear and men's underwear . The first collection will be launch in May 2014 and apart from being trendy, this collection will be very comfortable and purely ethical.
Regine Weimar, managing director of HOM said, “We are thrilled to be able to partner with Didier Drogba, to create not only an exceptionally creative product, but also create a product that will have a positive social impact. The collaboration will directly support the Didier Drogba Foundation and the important work they do in the region"

If you think Beckham and Ronaldo are sexy in their underwear, then Drogba is out to set a higher record as he rocks! It is exciting to see the latest development in how many African celebrities are working hard to give back to their communities. Through this, we hope to build a stronger Africa and create an opportunity for the community to promote values.

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