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Duafe Denim is a clothing label that has a new twist on the African inspired fashion labels out there - it combines African wax print with jeans. 
The concept of the label is shown in its name; “Duafe” (pronounced Du-a-fe) is an Adinkra symbol from Ghana that symbolises beauty, which represents how the jeans enhance the beauty of all female shapes, as the founder and owner of the brand, Chantal Korsah, uses jeans made from a unique blend of denim cotton and lycra that stretches horizontally and vertically, and is lightweight, hence can be perfectly contoured to all body types, especially for those females with curvy hips, bum and thighs, as they provide far more comfort and flexibility than regular denim jeans.
The Duafe Denim online store will be launching on 7th April 2012 (www.duafedenim.com). For exclusive offers and discounts, like “Duafe Denim Official” Facebook Page, or follow @DuafeDenim on Twitter.  

Duafe Denim- Western Trend, African Tradition.

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