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EB Kreation Launches Fashion Boutique, Simple Classy and Trendy in African Print.

On a sunny and bright Saturday at the Ad-Luchem Bali Street, an air of gospel music calls for attention. Animation and conviviality is the atmosphere in which the EB Kreation clothing and fashion boutique welcomes it guests and customers for the launching of its fashion line and accessories.


Ebanga at BBCL event on 30th December 2014, Hotel Le Méridien, Douala.

Ebanga C. Nkwanyo is the brain manufacturer and planner behind this great event. She is a young dynamic Cameroonian whose competences and talent in designing and clothing can be clearly noticed in her outfits. She decided to bring together her family, friends and customers to celebrate the launching of her Fashion Boutique on the 28th March, located a few steps from the Ad-Luchem Hospital, Bali, Douala.


At EB Kreation, you might definitely not return empty handed. The brand and creations are made essentially of African fabrics. These are sold on the spot, and once a choice has been made, the fashion designer proceeds with measurements and comes up with a beautiful outfit. Ready-made items are also available: flawless gowns in various colors, shirts, pants, tops of all shapes and designs, hats, all in African fabric. Children are not left aside. One can have dresses of all kinds like flawless gowns as well as skirts and shirts for kids and teenagers. There are also handbags, sandals (made of pearls and leather), and shorts.  


The event was grandiose in its entity as many participants harbored African fabric attires or afro-chic and ethno chic dresses and accessories.  Guests could have snacks, candies, and cocktails as they discussed among themselves. We could notice the presence of MMPR representatives, FabAfriq Magazine, and the animation was done by a young talented Cameroonian gospel singer, Charles MARPE, commonly known as “The Sherperd”. Some participants also ordered for some fabrics, and attires and their measurements were taken, others ordered for accessories like hand bags and sandals.



With the launch of its shop, EB Kreation is setting the path for a new and innovative ethno chic brand with African fabrics. One address if you want to look simple, classy and trendy!
EB Kreation
Ad-Luchem Hospital Street Bali, Douala.
Instagram EBANGA_K
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ebanghankwanyuo

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