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Ecobank Cameroon MD Gwendoline Abunaw Speaks At The Women In Business Event Hosted By AFRICA CEO NETWORK

The leading idea behind this particular meeting- “More women on board”- brought together a think tank of speakers to share on exactly how crucial it is to have more women on the inside as far as leadership positions in the corporate world, most especially in Africa, is concerned.

Mrs. Gwendoline Abunaw, managing director of Ecobank Cameroon, was one of the key speakers at this business event. During this event she shared on the roles that women ought to occupy in business and the corporate world of today.

Twenty five years ago, it was commonplace for women not to have a place at the head of multinationals or businesses as a whole. This trend has gradually died out and now more and more women find themselves in these roles, breaking out through the gender barriers that used to hold them in inaction for so long. Launched four years ago, the Women in Business forum which held in Douala this time, was born out of two main observations: only 5% of CEOs in Africa are women, and they occupy only 14% of board seats. The AFRICA CEO FORUM which is an international meeting of African private sector decision-makers is on a mission to engage the entire business community around advocating for, and advancing women’s leadership in decision-making making positions all over the continent.

To achieve this, the Women in Business Initiative brings together women CEOs and hundreds of renowned companies in hands-on workshops, sharing of experiences and networking sessions to help groom more and more women on how to effectively grow into and occupy these positions.

Ecobank Cameroon on its path to making sure that we have more women on board as far as leadership positions in all business and multi-nationals are concerned is itself organizing an event which aims to bring together female leaders in business and young girls who aspire to become leaders in business. This is THE ECOBANK WOMEN IN BUSINESS FORUM. This is in a bid to share experiences, difficulties, solutions and opportunities to assist these women in their journey and growth. Ecobank also seeks to share business ideas and provide much needed financial and other support to these women.

Ecobank has a lot in the pipeline for the advancement of women in business in Africa. Mrs. Gwendoline Abunaw and the entire Ecobank team have put both hands on deck to make sure that women who aspire to grow and occupy these leadership roles are equipped with the tools, exposure and networking they need.Check the Ecobank Cameroon website and social media pages for the announcement of the event dates.



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