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ECOBANK DAY 2017 – Making available Portable water for a better life

Every year the ECOBANK group reaches out to its client base and the population at large in a bid to provide permanent solutions to some of the social issues that may directly or indirectly affect the lives of these people. Being a company that values pan Africanism and works towards making the continent a better place not only through innovative ways of banking but by contributing to solutions for social problems, ECOBANK developed the concept for the ECOBANK DAY.

This year, ECOBANK Cameroon celebrates the ECOBANK DAY 2017 on December 9thunder the theme,“Portable water for better life”. Under the General Manager of ECOBANK Cameroon, Madam Gwendolyn Abunaw, activities to commemorate this day will take place simultaneously in Douala and Yaoundé. In Douala, the ECOBANK staff will officially hand over the drinking water supply forage constructed by ECOBANK in the Newton Airport 4 Village to the chief of the neighborhood on behalf of the population. In Yaounde, there will be handing over of the clean water forage by the ECOBANK staff to the inhabitants of the MvogEbanda village who have not had access to drinking water in a long time.

The ceremony set to start at 9a.m in both cities will be marked by speeches from the ECOBANK director general, the quarter head and the D.Os in both divisions. The water supply will then be officially opened as water will be extracted for all present to drink to health and better living conditions. Photo sessions and press interviews with the ECOBANK staff present and the local population will also characterize the day’s activities.

Speaking on the objective of the ECOBANK DAY, Madam Gwendolyn Abunaw said, “First of all, it is to thank the population for the confidence they have in us as a Bank and to stay true to our company objectives of making Africa a better place, one community at a time”. ECOBANK is aware of the high rate of infant mortality as a result of little or no access to portable drinking water in these local communities. This explains the theme for this years’ ECOBANK DAY as a day set aside to reach out to a people in need and reduce this immortality rate by providing portable drinking water.


Watch the live live video of the Ecobank day in Douala. 


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