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Ecobank Day 2019 - Preventing Non-Communicable Diseases

Ecobank Day activities across Africa is slated for the 1st-5th of October 2019 under the theme “Non-communicable diseases” in general and CANCER in particular. Three cities in Cameroon have been chosen to host these free diagnosis, giving the general community an opportunity for medical care. From October 1-4, activities start at 8am and end at 3pm, and center around sensitization, free diagnosis and distribution of stickers and flyers to the entire community. Here is the distribution of the daily program divided among various agencies in the cities concerned-

1- Bonanjo agency (October 1st)
2- Cash point Bonaberi (October 2nd)
3- Nkoulouloun agency, Yaounde Hippodrome (October 3rd)
4- Bonamoussadi agency, Yaounde Post Centrale, Ecobank Bafoussam (October 4th)
Saturday, October 5th 2019 is set aside for walks across all three cities, which is part of a three-year campaign to raise awareness about Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs). This is part of an annual initiative where Ecobank and its staff give back to their local communities.
Non-Communicable Diseases are chronic diseases which are not passed from person to person. They include diseases like cardiovascular diseases (heart attacks and strokes), all cancers, respiratory diseases (like asthma), diabetes, mental and neurological health conditions (including depression and dementia). A majority of NCDs are actually preventable. A healthy lifestyle, characterized by proper diet and high levels of physical activity significantly lower the risks of getting several cancers and other NCDs.

Government efforts, especially in our country, focuses more on communicable disease prevention, control and treatment. Ecobank therefore, thought it wise to lay some emphasis on this other type of diseases to complement government efforts. Such actions have been motivated by the fact that people go through considerable stress on a daily basis, due to job, family and other multiple stress factors which expose them to NCDs. In addition, due to the high cost of diagnosis for these NCDs for the average person, Ecobank decided to organize these events to make healthcare available for all.
The 5km walk starts at 6:30 am prompt on October 5th across all three selected cities- Yaounde from ECM Hippodrome, Bafoussam from the main bus park at Zingana hotel, and Douala at the Bonanjo agency. All customers of Ecobank, partners and families are invited to come, achieve personal health goals and also have some fun along the way.


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