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Ecobank Group Honored in Nominations for the Most Prestigious Banking Institutions in Africa 2019

It is that time of the year again when the contributions and achievements of companies and individuals to the improvement and transformation of Africa’s financial sector is rewarded. The African Banker Awards, which is in its thirteenth edition, is the most prestigious in Africa’s banking and finance sector. It is an annual event, held under the distinguished patronage of the African Development Bank during its annual meeting.

The objective of this prestigious event is to recognize the contributions of 400 personalities and banks leading in the rapidly growing and transforming the financial sector in Africa. These are the same people who direct and drive growth and development and create new opportunities for citizens and communities all over the continent, and who also inspire and mentor new generations of bankers that are there to shape Africa’s future.

The Categories
The categories focus on areas that are very important to both the finance community and its stakeholders. These are reviewed every year to ensure the awards remain relevant and that they take into account the changing realities on the ground. The following categories are those that are going to be recognized this year: African Bank of the Year, African Banker of the Year, Central Bank Governor of the Year, Investment Bank of the Year, Best Regional Bank in Africa, Best Retail Bank in Africa (won by ECOBANK in 2018), Innovation in Banking( which was won by ECOBANK in 2018), Lifetime Achievement Award, Finance Minister of the Year, African Banker Icon, Infrastructure Deal of the Year, Deal of the Year – Debt, Deal of the Year – Equity, Award for Financial Inclusion, Socially Responsible Bank of the Year.
Nominations for 2019
The publisher and general manager of IC Publications Group which is the initiator of all trophies, Omar Ben Yedder, said that this year they received a record and impressive quantity and quality of files presented by the candidates. There is a list of institutions that will fight for the trophies of the African banker for its thirteenth edition, scheduled for June 11, in Malabo Equatorial Guinea. ECOBANK is once more honoured in this year’s nominations. This is in the following categories: African Bank of the year, and Bank of the year. Hopefully, like in 2018, Ecobank emerges winner in both categories since it is a Pan African bank which has put both hands on deck to make sure that they put their mark positively, in the acceleration of the financial inclusion of Africa.


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