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Discover The Amazing Beauty Of Elongo Gardens..

Elongo Gardens is one of Cameroon's sacred resort area, found in Alaska street Kumba Cameroon. It became operational on the 29th of July 1999 with only 5 rooms and have grown beyond that since then. The hotel is amazingly comfortable, with world class facilities such as a complete kitchen, an Olympic size pool and kids pool, enough gardens and play area, indopr and out door sports facilities etc. The level of  customers service exceeds the regular services you will find in Cameroon. Where else could be better to relax and enjoy nature's best than this small family run hotel?  To top up to this, Elongo gardens offers special packages for special occasion and can customise as necessary

It is noted for the thousands of weddings it has hosted. The set up at EG is very flexible and gives those looking to host an event at EG  flexibility of twisting it to fit their unique themes. 

For the past years EG has achieved many projects and improved the quality of its services. The biggest accomplishment has been the creation of an Urban Forest which is simply spectacular.  More than 1000 trees on 15 hectares of land have been planted around EG,  with the most important species of tropical trees found in and around the Congo Basin.
 It is also a unique environment for corporate and executive meetings and could be perfect for team away days. It has a stocked bar with a master cuisine.

Elongo Garden is getting more exciting more and more  people around the world is becoming aware of its facilities and serenity.

 They are also expanding rapidly and have added some new features such as
-45 more rooms
-New TVs in all the rooms
-New Air conditions
-Major renovation
-1000 banqueting chairs from the USA
-Hair dressing salon
-Massage centre
-Gent hair dressing salon
-BBQ huub
-Tennis Court

For any inquiries on services we you can contact  them on elongo.gardens@gmail.com or Facebook @ Elongo Gardens

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