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FabAfriq Media Group is pleased to announce a webinar on environmental awareness. This initiative commenced with the Corporate Awards, a bi-annual event which intends to recognize and promote organisations in Cameroon that encourage positive change and innovative approaches to positively impact the lives of individuals and communities. This webinar will be streamed LIVE twice a month (Thursday) on the Corporate Awards Facebook platform. 

One of the most effective ways to educate and inspire is to reach out to a target audience who will value the information and act or ask relevant questions. This webinar is aimed at educating individuals, companies, and the society at large about the identifying environmental hazards and risks, what to look for(signs), how to communicate or report. The first episode will be streamed on Thursday 24th of September at 4:30PM GMT+1. 
The theme for this episode will be ‘’Identifying Environmental Hazards and Risks’’ and will be hosted by Ayuk Akohachere SR an Environmental Scientist.
To join this LIVE STREAM, please log onto our Facebook page The Corporate Awards


Website: www.thecorporateawards.com
Facebook: The Corporate Awards
Twitter: @Corp_awards


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