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Ethiopian Airline Malawian Female Pilot Makes First Successful Flight as a Command Captain

Malawian Airlines first female captain, who was trained at Ethiopian Aviation Academy (EAA), inaugurated her first flight on March 11, 2016 at Kamuzu International Airport, in Lilongwe in the presence of Malawian CEO and officials from the country’s Transport Ministry. Captain Yolanda Kaunda became Malawian Airlines first female captain on the Bombardier Q400 aircraft after completing her training at EAA. 

Speaking at the event, Mr. Kassim Geresu, CEO Malawian Airlines, congratulated the Captain and said, “Captain Yolanda has been a role model to most young girls and women out there. She has just showed that everything is possible in this life as long as hard work, dedication,
integrity and discipline are all put together. I would say, indeed her achievement is paving the way for many girls and young Malawians especially those dreaming to be a pilot.”
The CEO added that the strategic partnership between Malawian Airlines and Ethiopian Airlines contributed a lot in providing appropriate training to Malawian Airlines’ pilots, in addition to the cooperation in aircraft maintenance and offering convenient travel route to passengers. Since its establishment, Malawian Airlines has been training its pilots with the help of EAA. Currently, 4 Malawian captains and 5 Malawian first officers are in operation.

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