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Ethiopian Airlines Cameroon Celebrates 70th Anniversary With Top bloggers!

ET Cameroon, joined the rest of the world in celebrating its 70th Anniversary. "Our stories have been shared, our successes celebrated, our commitment to the community praised, but we felt after 70 years of continuous expansion and record breaking success, these should be shared by many more". On the 8th of April 2016, ET Cameroon invited top Cameroonian bloggers specialized in Aviation, business, tourism and lifestyle to celebrate the history and the vision of the company.

The Bloggers Hangout, organised by ET Cameroon PR team was held at the ET main office in Douala with more than 12 bloggers in attendance. It was a great opportunity for us to share our history in detail, giving them more insight information to help them to get to know the company better. We presented our company from 1964 till date, emphasising on our core services and our vision for the future.

One of the main highlight for the bloggers was the All-female flight from Addis Ababa to Bangkok, which happened on the 19th of November 2015. We used this opportunity to share the corporate belief of ‘Women Empowerment for sustainable growth’

Country Manager Tesfaya Grima said: ‘We are truly happy to celebrate our 70th Anniversary with one of the most important online community. We believe this is the best way to reach thousands of people as more and more people spend their time online these days. One of ET’s vision is to get more customers to book online from the comfort of their homes and offices. This will enhance their travelling experience, while minimising queuing time in our offices, thus giving us the flexibility to serve them better’.

Other important facts that came up during the hangout were On-line booking, ET destination, and the most recent mass recruitment of 42 Cameroonian Trainee cabin crew staff to serve the ever growing ET destinations.

Hospitality as we know is one of ET’s most prestigious services. Bloggers were invited for dinner at one of the most prestigious Restaurants in Douala where discussion continued during dinner in a relaxed and informal environment.

With the strong mission of bringing Africa together and closer to the world, we are very certain the blogging community will share the information of our expansion, services and values with the rest of the world. ET understands the need to relay relevant information about the company, reasons why we were happy to share this first-hand information with the online community.

We are looking forward to the story telling experience!



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