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Ethiopian Airlines: Launches Medical Packages

ET has been engaged in the medical travel facilitation service for the past two years. Currently ET has introduced two new medical travel products jointly with two separate partners. The first one is Piyavate Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand. In addition, we have also engaged with Unihealth  Consultancy plc in Mumbai, India for India and South Africa medical destinations.  Now we have started selling the packages from Addis Ababa and we are  ready to move to other potential markets in Africa. Piyavate Hospital and Unihealth consultancy plc representative offices in Addis Ababa are handling the medical travel services , due to this we can get prompt responses of quotation and related services. Please note that we have approved 25% discount on airfare for the patient and one attendant.  Below are the steps for promotional activities to introduce the new products of the facilitation service.  


STEP ONE: ET office will requestthe potential customer/patient to present recent medical report (not more than 3 months old for some cases).     

STEP TWO: Upon collection of recent medical report from the patient, ET office will scan all pages and forward as attachment  to Piyavate Hospital representative office in Addis Ababa and for patients who want to travel to Thailand, to Unihealth consultancy representative office in Addis Ababa.

STEP THREE: Piyavate and Unihealth representative offices in Addis  will process and secure quotation from hospitals in Thailand and India/South Africa respectively. And also will forward the quotation to our office upon receipt as an attachment in printable format.

STEP FOUR: ET office will follow up all correspondences with the representative offices in Addis and update the information to the customer/patient.

STEP FIVE: ET area office will contact the patient and provide the treatment plan and quotation for review and decision by the patient. If patient agrees to the quotation, ET office will collect the quoted amount and forward scanned copy of the Receipt voucher to the representative offices in Addis.

STEP SIX: Piyavate and Unihealth representative offices in Addis will request hospital appointment date and advise ET area office.

STEP SEVEN: ET area office will reserve flights and issue tickets for patient and attendant (if applicable). ET area office will advise both our concerned department and the  Hospital representative offices in Addis about the patient’s arrival date.

STEP EIGHT: Hospital representative office will make the necessary MASS arrangements.

STEP NINE: ETarea office will board patient per plan on booked flight. At the airport in Thailand, India and South Africa, the patient will be met by the hospital representatives and taken to  hospital/hotel according to agreed program and schedule.


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