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Tourism:Dream Comes True, Discover Africa With Ethiopian Airlines

Over the last few years, many African countries have invested a great deal in developing abandoned touristic sites as an attempt to help boost tourism and attract investors. The tourism sector is arguably one of the most lucrative businesses in the world. Many people believe in having quality holidays with friends, family or loved ones and choosing a destination is always an issue. Tourism has also been a great way to improve economic growth, create awareness of the country and exchange cultural knowledge. When many Africans think of Holidays, they think of travelling abroad or to lalaland(?)! Africa has a lot of amazing places to visit but unfortunately, we did not do much about promoting it, causing a decline in this sector.

Taking Action
Ethiopian Airlines, the largest aviation company and the fastest growing airline in Africa recently launched a campaign called “EHIOPIAN HOLIDAYS”. It is a great previlage for Ethiopian Airlines to be part of their esteemed customer’s experience in their discovery of the magnificent tourist attraction sites in Africa in general and Ethiopia in particular. .

The multiple Awards Winning airlines has partnered with some hotels, resorts and touristic sites in Ethiopia to offer amazing holiday’s discounts to attract tourists from around the world and Africa in particular to Ethiopia.One of such partners is the Kurflu resort and spa, which in the last few years has been a destination of choice for many travel lovers.

Great Incentives for partner
Ethiopian, is also offering the opportunity for others to be part of this amazing Touristic awareness. They are looking for partners to promote these holidays. This is not only a great way to get to know more about Africa, but for partners to benefit from the incentives offered by Ethiopian. 
To find out more about what incentives Ethiopian has in place, please contact your local Ethiopian Airlines office or contact through: :

DesireeN@ethiopianairlines.com    or Teel: + 237 73350059 

Jorgod@ethiopianairlines.com   or Tel: +237 77937929
 info@et-holidays.com, and Tel: +251(0)11 6184 360

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