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African Designers: From Ancient Styles To Modern, Fashionable & Chic' Looks

As civilization continues to grow in Africa, many aspects of Africans are being modernized. In  the days of old, it was customary  of  African women to dress  up  with  just  loin clothes no matter  what  event  they  were  to attend. But as the world continues to grow, so too has the African women embraced modernization of her closet.
Every day, African Designers keep growing new ideas that transform the African ‘old fashioned’ way of dressing into modern and stylish looks for the African woman.  Designers are transforming local designs into more fashionable and modern pieces, by giving it a touch from the western world yet maintaining the African roots.

Today African designers and African Fabrics play an important role in the world of fashion as top Western designers like Isabel Marrant, vera Wang and host of others now use African fabrics for their designs and many times Hollywood Celebrities like Beyonce, Solange Knowles Lady Gaga, Gwen Stephanie, Kim Kardashian West, Amber Rose and many other A list stars have been spotted rocking the African print. African designers have also fused their creativity with ideas from western designers and today they don’t just make clothes for the average African woman to wear as they are affecting the fashion world by making clothes which are worn by women all over the world.


The African designers now have pieces that makes not just an African woman beautiful confident and modern but also make clothes that the younger generation can relate to. African designers now use the African fabric to make youthful and sexy outfits that young girls can wear while still relating to their African culture and roots.


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