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FabAfriq Awarded A Certificate of Recognition At the Cameroon Leadership Academy 2015

Last week was a very inspiring and motivational one at the Eneo Human Resources Training Center Ombe, Cameroon. One hundred young leaders were hosted, trained and inspired by Go Ahead Africa. According to the projects, this is an opportunity to unleash the leadership potential in these dynamic individuals. They were given the opportunity to listen to more than twenty renowned leaders including the Minister of Labour and Security, Gregoire Owona, The Director of Tradex, Perrial Jean Nyodog, the President of the Catholic University Buea Rev. Fr. George Jingwa Nkeze, the Assistant Director of Eneo, the CEO of Tanty Cameroon, Thierry Nyamen, Adeline Sede Kamga, CEO of FabAfriq Magazine and many others. They also listened to real life success stories from Community and Business Leaders such as Alain Nteff of Gifted Mom, Peter Njodzeka Of Penjo Entertainment, Irene Mangem of Emerge with Irene, Dr Fon Elizabeth of Tesho Foundation, and Ewehmeh of Yes Cameroon, Anrette Ngafor of Liiber London and many others.

This was also an opportunity to get first hand training from top qualified trainers such as MOFOR George from the Panafrican Institute for Development West Africa (PAID-WA), Emile Désirée Singeh of Go Ahead Africa, Roland KWEMAIN of Go Ahead Africa and Henry NJOCKE, Senior Management and Leadership training director of Eneo etc.
It was a learning curve to these young leaders. Some of them were able to present some amazing and outstanding projects for social responsibility. This edition was considered a successful event as many participants got to meet inspirational leaders, role models, new friends and the opportunity to take home new skills. Next year’s edition is highly awaited.

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