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FabAfriq Magazine issue 6 NOW OUT:Something Special

Almost half way through the year and we are wondering if some of you are still keeping your resolutions! We sure are at FabAfriq! Last year, we promised to bring you much more exciting content and to talk about people making news. Who else is best for our cover when the Fifa World cup 2014 is around the corner? On our cover is Yaya Touré, the Iconic footballer who has won African footballer of the year 3 times successively. In an exclusive interview with fabAfriq, he told us about his role as the face of One.org’s DoAgric project, aimed at promoting Agriculture in Africa.

 Most of our shoots were Brazil-inspired, from the Hair and Beauty shoot by the amazing Mario Epanya to the trendy Fashion colours by AnthiMenAfrique is a typical African man, who takes care of his style. What does Beauty mean to you? Read the words from Thina Nzo, one of South Africa’s who is who as she brushes this topic in big style. Our Editor-in–chief, Kingsley Sheteh is very outspoken! There are certain things we hush hush about when talking about African football, but Kingsley went all the way with a detailed editorial on what might be an underlying issue in African teams. Might this be our key to winning the world cup in the future? The heart hosts much more than love. our Health specialist Dr. Susan, gives us a tour, and imagine our shock on what we found out about the heart! Speaking of the heart, Dr Fon Elizabeth touched a very sensitive nerve. With regards to relationships, there are a lot of things we take for granted. Dr. Fon is out to set this right.We met with the lovely lady and almost every member of the team is reviewing how to manage their relationship. 

Thinking of touring Africa? there are some places you just don't want to leave out.

Ah! Our launch party!!! We made news, every TV station in Cmaeroon was talking about it for weeks. Images were perfectly captured by some top photographers. How can we say Thank You to everyone who made this possible?

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