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Yayyyy!!! another content rich, inspiring, entertaining and motivating issue of FabAfriq Magazine. Fab issue 8 is as rich as or may be even richer than all our previous issues. In this issue, we looked at the various environmental issues affecting Africa, how they are been handled and what we as Africans could do to reduce the negative impact of these hazards. The title “Eco Issue” says it all as we looked into how our environment affects our lifestyle.

Waste management is usually an important issue in every society, Climate change and pollution are all very prominent aspects of the environment which our editorial team did a great job tackling them from all angles.
As you read through this content filled magazine, you will find inspiring articles on business, tourism, parenting, health, cuisine and so many other interesting topics. The feature article on Hilda Ebai’s experience, the lady behind Emergence Bilingual Nursery and primary school is a great piece for anyone who wishes to start up a business.
The Beautiful and Bold Nana Afua graced our issue cover. Nana Afua was a winner of UK Top Model of Colour, winner of Young Achiever's Awards, Beffta UK and featured on more than 100 magazines and websites including www.vogue Italia. We decided to talk the life and experience of an African model in the UK. Nana is also an advocate for environmental issues and has started a fashion line with ethical fabrics. Have you ever been made to believe that African food is unhealthy? Take a look at Bernice Zita’s article on “Facts about African food that will surprise you” As usual, every issue of FabAfriq tells a different story. This issue might be on environmental issues; it still did not stop us from bringing out some beautiful aspects of Africa. Check out the beautiful lampshades made with African inspired fabrics.
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