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Top Directors @Nestle, Met Up With Cmr Bloggers To Discuss The "Creating Shared Values" Program

FabAfriq Magazine in a continuous effort to increase the online presence and create awareness for companies in Cameroon, organised another hang out with  their partners. Nestle thought it would be a great idea to give an insight on their ongoing project “ Nestle: Creating Shared Values” so readily agreed to discuss more to the new media experts.

Nestle has great plans for its consumers, Workers and the general public and sees the need for the media to help create awareness about some of their activities which are not usually discussed.  The CEO of Nestle Cameroon, Mr. Bruno Olierhoek gave a great presentation of the company's profile and the contribution it makes in countries where represented.  Doctor Dr. Nana, factory Doctor, gave the nutritional values of the products and also spoke about  how to live a balanced lifestyle, while the Factory Manager gave us a factory tour. Moreover, Impressive  presentations on various aspects were given by the Director of communication and some of the brand managers.

FabAfriq Magazine with some of its partners, Camer Bloggers , Canal 2, Afrique Media, Cameroon Tribune, Eden Newspaper, The Sun, The Post and many other media houses honored Nestle’s invitation to help spread Nestle’ Creating Shared Value program.

Communication continues to be the leading road to the growth of every project. Thanks to this hangout, we were able to know some interesting things Nestle had and is still doing for its communities.Actually, there is free portable water around every Nestle company all over Africa, about 7.6 million children have benefited from the Nestle healthy kids program in 73 countries, more than 1000 people earn their livelihood thanks to Nestle and Nestle has a working capital of 100 billion with about 600 employees.

First thing everyone noticed at the Nestle factory Bonaberi is the level of cleanliness. This is a good example of how we should set standard. The Health and Safety policy is quite strong and we were informed that Nestle has registered NO ACCIDENTS in the last 1000 days. Making sure that all workers are being taken good care through of and responding quickly to customers worries should be a priority to all companies like Nestle which statistics shows a drop in consumer dissatisfaction as years pass.

During this meetup we are made to understand some key importance of maternal breast milk to a child and the reason for a balanced diet.

A tour at the Nestle factory made bloggers and media houses to see the process through which Maggi is made and the different ingredients used in the production process. 

It might interest everyone to know that every element used in the production of this cooking aroma are natural. The tour guide taught the media a simple way to find out if the components are natural is by taking a look at the list of ingredients found on each Maggi packet. 

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