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FabAfriq "Trailblazer" Issue 7 all Trendy, Empowering, Inspiring and Motivational

Lifestyle, and entertainment goes along with inspiration. We could always be inspired by trailblazers and our N°7 is all about empowerment, inspiration and life worthliving!

Here hails the new FABAFRIQ. Interesting articles we would love to share with you and more on tourism, health, relationship, and nutrition. There is a particular maturity about this issue and what makes it so special is that we are celebrating women in style and color. We did not limit ourselves to the English speaking Africans, we thought of French audience, making it a  bilingual one!

On our cover page, meet Oreoluwa Somolu, executive director of Women's Tecnology Empowerment Centre. We will be talking TECHI with her.She is an entrepreneur working with young people. Very inspiring woman and through her work and dynamism she inspires us too. You will surely like to know much about her, just book a copy and be inspired.

FABAFRIQ Magazine is all in colors and style this month as we are Celebrating women. We had an encounter with careers women who are very motivational, and who have impacted other women through showcasing of their talents, actions and competences. You can discover more in this issue.

VLISCO is all trendy, giving more value to African print.

Something spectacular about this issue is the green campagne. We don not think you are aware of this worlwide arrangement! Get informed, N°7 will give it all to you!

A beautiful life with an ill health is not the best. Our health review will be concerned with ‘blood pressure'. The symptoms, the manifestations, and how to avoid and get rid of it. Healthwise, we will also talk of nutrition. We all know what it takes to get rid of extra weight. Eating and cooking healthy will be one of the beneficial health tips we will be proposing to our readers.

We could not close the N° 7 without a hot piece on relationship! How to get along in a distant relationship? When we all know what it takes to maintain a distant relationship with all the socio-cultural ideas behind that! We will have an idea of the reality these couples are facing.

Issue 7 has a pack of tips on how to keep you motivated for situations and circumstances you might encourter dayly in your life! Get a copy and reboost your mind with positive thinking.

Tourism is not left aside. Our guide will take you to the discovery of some places in Africa you have never heard of.

 Issue 7 is here, not only to inform you, but to make you travel without taking a craft. Get your copy now and let empowerment, inspiration and motivation be your guide. Have a blast!

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