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The Search Is On For The Face Of Colour

Face of colour is an open event launched in the UK (Birmingham) to provide ethnic minorities a platform where they can showcase their talents. This covers  fashion, beauty, hair, entertainment (singers, dancers, rappers ) and also offers an opportunity for  businesses and individuals  to network and share ideas. There are no restrictions to take part in this event (Age, sex, religion etc). It is also open to those who are already successful and need more exposure, and those who are on their way to up. This event will explore factors that will bring all ethnic groups together

As part of the activities celebrating Black History Month, Face Of Colour  will celebrate diversity and ethnicity. The 2012 Face of colour beauty pageant will take place on Saturday, october 13, 2012 at the PUBLIC, New Street, West Bromwich , B70 7PG

The aim of the Pageant is to provide educational opportunities to outstanding young people of colour and develop the '' whole young mind, body and spirit''.

Most of  our contestants have never participated in a pageant before so this is an opportunity for them to learn something new and transferable.

It is our mission to mentor and advocate underrepresented young people and instill in them valuable tools to ensure they lead successful and fullfilling lives.
There are also business opportunities available for people in business and we'd like to encourage you to contact us as soon as possible to find out the deal we have for you. These opportunities are in taking up exhibition stands and sponsoring the project.
Sales and exhibition starts from 10am to 6pm and the contest will pick up from 7pm to 12 Midnight. If you'd like to send us some sample of your products, please contact us as soon as possible. faceofcolour@yahoo.co.uk 
We also have sponsorship opportunities for people who'd like to get involved. This is a unique opportunity to be seen and to advertise your business to a different population. While we are excited to bring you this project, we are happy to say it is great to work with some young people who have a passion in creative art and in bringing the community together. Visit our website on www.faceofcolour.org and email us @ faceofcolour@yahoo.co.uk 

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