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Famine in South Sudan: Population Reduced to the Level of Cattle.

The civil war is devastating South Sudan. This African Country under civil war for over 20 years now, is  threatened by armed forces, tribal clashes over land, water and cattle, with populations living under the most unbearable atrocities.This situation is affecting the lifes of about 4 million souls, living in stiff conditions, till the extend of feeding with grass and leaves.

The rate of famine is increasingly getting to its peak in South Sudan. According to the UN, about 4 million people will die of hunger in South Sudan among which babies and children.The UN, Unicef and World Food Program are calling for immediate humanitarian action and aid to save the lives of these people.
A BBC report from South Sudan show population feeding on grass and leaves of all sort. This situation will definitely lead to serious health issues and death.

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