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The FIAFA 2015

In an effort to encourage arts and culture in Africa and Cameroon in particular, Alfred Nemfor had the brilliant idea of organizing a yearly fashion show, the "Fredash International Fashion Avenue". Since its creation, FIAFA has been the most anticipated English fashion show in Cameroon. Fashion Designers, Painters and musicians come from all over Africa and the world to showcase their know how and even participate in competitions.



Khamals,Lima T Jasino and Fashionista Africa from Cameroon kept the whole place alive in a stiff competition with different trending designs. Ali Dior and Maurice Le Roi from Senegal with their amazing collections made the night but the indonasian fashion guru, Belcro Afrosia could not resist being part of the prestigious event.

The stiff competition among competing designers took entertainment during the show to different level,but as the saying goes, "there must always be a winner". Khamals outstanding collection went home with a sawing machine and 150000 frs CFA for topping the list.

The 4th Edition of Fredash International Fashion Avenue "FIAFA 2015" can simply themed a success. The Fredash models did justice to every designer's collection, their make up and cat walks were just on point.

The amazing African and Indonesian inspired collection themed "Colors of Afrosia" By Belcro Afrosia was one to be spotted out of many. Its blend of class, good tissue,unique designs and trending colors caught everyone's attention.

The number of sponsorship and high personalities at the show gave FIAFA the class and grandeur it deserves.Source Du pay, Belcro Afrosia, Nestle Cameroon, HSB, Wasamundi, alongside many other sponsors made FIAFA 2015.

The Governor of south west " Bernard Okalia B, The Delegate, Adeline Sede Kamga, Ratu erma Oliehoek,Sydny Emade, with many other V I P s honored Mr Nemfor's invitation

Cameroon fashion and arts industry is growing faster than envisaged.Youths coming out with new designs,painters making amazing portraits musicians writing inspiring lyrics and making good videos. While the 16 years old Boris Obolong with his work of arts titled "Human Life" kept everyone amazed, Night Monster, One Man and Julio Wood boomed the whole place with good music. Next edition is impatiently expected.

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