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The Excitement Is Building, Let's Fix It with the Fit It Show

Celebrity presenter Sama Ndango has finally introduced one of the best entertainment concepts in Cameroon. Mr Fix It, is at it again. This time, the event is going to be the first of its kind with extras beyond your imagination! What are you doing on the 21st of April 2012? If  you have not reserved you place to be part of the Fix It Show, then register here to be part of this amazing event. The choice of venue is another reason why you have to be there.The Holiday Inn Resort Limbe  is a very attractive and intimate hideout for private events. Rumour has it that,  most celebrity weddings take place there and it is highly sought after. Here is your opportunity to find out why! remember If you are not there by 3pm then chances are high you might not get a seat and you'll miss the grand opening!
The Fix It party will be a cocktail of the entertainment for the heavy heavy weights and upcoming stars! Glamorous and celebrity driven on invite basis only!
Millions of fans and followers worldwide are waiting to see what their idols will be wearing on the red carpet and catching gossips about their next projects! For TV, Radio, magazines, Bloggers and other media outlets, this is the show to cover.
For Fashion Designers/Stylists this is the show to see who is wearing your outfits and who to scout, to project your designs to the virgin fanbase. The event is going to be spiced with live performances from the hottest entertainers you can imagine and they will be telling the world about their current projects and future hits on the Red Carpet.The paparazzi will cover from pictures to videos and interviews on the night. The world of cinematography of Cameroon will be present. To Keep the next blockbuster movie gossips coming!  Stay tuned for updates!

For guest list please register here: http://www.thesamandangoshow.com
For artists wanting to perform please register here:http://www.thesamandangoshow.com/index.php/be-at-the-show
For invitations and other info on this event, kindly get in touch with: Renata via 93200971 or Paul 0447868899074.
Be there, be part of entertainment history.
Fix It Events 2012
Sama Ndango | Celebrity Presenter | Mr Fix it

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