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Racism in Italy! No future for Africans!

The shooting on 13th of December  in Florence -Italy has left many foreigners in the country morning!  - when two of our Senegalese brothers were killed and another two wounded, we thought the level of racism in Italy has actually reached its peak.  Although this came as a shock to many foreigners living in Italy, it only confirms their worse fear. It is very clear that the Italians are one of the most racist people in the world, however such an open demonstration of hatred has never been witnessed by the foreigners living there.

Italians accused the Africans for stealing their jobs, their women, their system and littering their country amongst others. They use all sort of abuses to Africans on the streets and use some very harsh terms to describe them. But what happened on the 13th of December still baffles the world!

According to the BBC report, Gunman Gianluca Casseri, 50, has been linked to a far-right group, which has disassociated itself from the killings. Casseri later turned the gun on himself and was found dead in an underground car park, police said.
Italy's President Giorgio Napolitano denounced "this blind explosion of hatred" and called on Italian authorities and society to "nip in the bud every form of intolerance and reaffirm the tradition of openness and solidarity in our country".
Florence Mayor Matteo Renzi said the shooting spree had shocked the city to its core.
"These are the actions of a lone killer - a lucid, mad and racist killer," Mr Renzi said.

More here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-16175877

Why the hate? It is evident that racism is something that has eaten deep into the core of the Italians and this is a cultural aspect that needs to be addressed by international organisations. Why are foreigners in Italy left with mean jobs and no benefits? why are qualified Doctors and Pharmacists working in the factories? why is there no provision for people with the right skills to do the jobs they deserve and have studied hard to qualify in? is there a future for Africans in Italy? or should they all pack their bags and run to the next best country? is there something as the next best country or are we all victims or indirect racism? No one should blame racism on the economic climate because this has always been the case. This is the Italy I knew 10 years ago, nothing has changed. You'll think with the current changes and over achievements of Africans in other parts of the world, the Italians would learn a good lesson of trusting some of their "hard to achieve goals" to the people who can do a better job... As more Italians travel abroad and gain exposure and knowledge I believe it is their responsibility, to set up firm structures in their home country where the aim will be to enlighten their fellow countrymen about the brain gain they can get from Africans and how inter-cultural exchanges can actually help their society to grow.

Racism!!! Such an ACT!

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