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Bola Obileye, Former Fashion Blogger and Designer Releases Song in Brand New Genre of Music

Holy Ghost Fire a medley of Gospel and Motown blues with a classic Yoruba infused jazz twist was released on the 17th of Dec 2017. Written and performed by Singer, Songwriter, Fashion Editor, and former Fashion Blogger (Seriously doughnuts), Bola Obileye AKA @bolasings. Holy Ghost Fire takes inspiration from her heartfelt desire for the Holy Spirit following a year of God opening her eyes to personally experience His Spirit anew.

Bola recalls that at the start of the year 2017, she made a declaration to God that she would give her ALL to Him and meant every word of it in return GOD gave her His All. In particular God exposed her the gentle personality of the Holy Spirit. She was introduced to the mind soothing, stress healing, depression bursting and fear burning power of the Holy Ghost and how He enabled her to take back her life from stress, tiredness and depression and she saw how He used the power of the Holy Spirit to correct so many anomalies in her life.

The song Holy Ghost Fire is a breath of fresh air, a unique medley of Gospel and blues infusing a classic twist creating a fresh new genre of praise and worship to a heartfelt call for Power of the Holy Spirit to soothe, to heal and to burn away every fear. A cry that will resonate with every heart.
With Awesome feedback coming through about the track, Holy Ghost Fire is set to cut a new niche of Gospel blues for true worshipers. It is truly a heart-warming and spirit edifying cry for the Spirit of God. A good tune to start the new year with  motivation and enthusiasm. 

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