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Founders of Black Lives Matter Honoured Among “Glamour Women Of The Year”


One of the most powerful rallying pressure group against police racial violence in America, Black Lives Matter, has seen its founders Patrice Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opel Tometi, honoured among Glamour Women Of The Year.

This nomination can be considered as a reward for their unstoppable activism for the Black course in America. In a society increasingly dominated by systemic racism against the black community, these three women have decided to say YES WE CAN.


Yes all of us, together, can make our voices to be heard by this oppressive democratic machine. Not only limiting themselves to an online movement, they staged in real life, demonstrating their activism and the impact they could have on the society. An example we should all followed, because we can say beyond doubt that each black life do matter.


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