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Every Woman Is a "Madame"

An article from the AP explains: 
Until now, a woman has been required to identify herself as a married “madame” or an unmarried “mademoiselle” on everything from tax forms to insurance claims and voting cards. France offers no neutral option like the English “Ms.”
[The order] asks ministries and regional administrations to "eliminate as much as possible from their forms and letters" the term mademoiselle, maiden name and references to a spouse's last name.

This has been banned in France, after Feminist Outcry. Would you rather be called madam or mademoiselle in your official document?  The banning of the 'mademoiselle'" is being taken as a positive step by feminist groups in France, who feel that the focus on marriage implied by the "Mme." is not one imposed on men, who only have one word with which to describe themselves: "Monsieur."
According to the President of the Guard B*tches (huh?)  Marie-Noelle Bas “Mademoiselle is a throwback to the days when women were seen as minors,” because the term only applies to young women.
French feminist campaigner Julie Muret sees this move, as a very positive move for women,  and she justifies her action by saying: ‘Men are never asked if they are married if they want a credit card or mobile phone.’
'Mademoiselle harks back to the term 'oiselle', which means "virgin" or "simpleton". Men used to be called "Damoiseau", meaning "Squire", but the term has since disappeared. She also added that  'That disappeared because it was an old-fashioned and outmoded title, and the same should be happening to Mademoiselle.
'These days men are never asked if they are married if they wanted to get a credit card or a mobile phone or pay their taxes.'
So would you rather be called Madam, mademoiselle or Damoiseau? If we were to chose how our names should be on the official documents, and when it should be, then I am sure everyone would want to change their title at a certain point, depending on their circumstances at that time.
Au-revoir mademoiselle. We'll "Miss" you!

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