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Gateway Chapel Launches Career Boost Network to Conquer Unemployment and Boost Skills in the local community

The Gateway Chapel in Kent is one of the first churches in the country to establish a Careers network for its local community. The Network and training program is open to all, including non-members of the church (including those who are not Christian) and it is completely free. At a time when unemployment and austerity measures are gripping the nation this program is a breath of fresh air and not only empowers but also brings people from all backgrounds together without judgement. Participants can register for free and the program runs throughout the year.

The Gateway Chapel CBN will provide necessary training and coaching for individuals to excel in their career.
Courses include:
*Project management 101
*First steps to Business Analysis
*Financial Application Support Training

The church also runs a weekly CV makeover session for the unemployed as well as those looking to move into a different sector. The CBN is part of the chapel’s overall community outreach project. The project seeks to break the yoke of oppression in the form of generational poverty, help the community become a better place to live and help break down the racial, cultural and economic barriers that keep people divided.

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