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Hit Antananarivo Streets with "Gazkar", the 100% Malgasy Video Game

With a turnover of $ 100 billion a year, video games have emerged as the second largest cultural industry in the world. With the first racing games made in Madagascar, the big island tackles the gigantic market dominated by china japan and the United States. Available for free on smartphone, the video game has already more than 10,000 downloads to its credit.

Gazkar was designed by a team of ten developers and graphic designers led by two cousins in Lomay studio. They conceptualized a 100% Malagasy gaming environment where players race against a "taxi bé" aboard a 4L or a 2CV in the streets of Antananarivo. In spite of numerous technical obstacles - frequent power cuts, high cost of Internet connection and lack of funding - designers were able to present a successful and free game in February 2017.

  The launching event of the final version of the game took place in April this year at the Kianjan'ny Kanto Mahamasina, a performing art theater in Antananarivo. Also the Gazkar team was first winner in a contest called "Get in the ring", an international competition that gives the opportunity for innovative project leaders to show how much better their project is than that of other participants. The national final was held at the Carlton 2017, during which four top-level starters, including Lomay Studio, made a pitch in front of a jury made up of entrepreneurial specialists.

You can download the application on the game’s website http://www.gazkar.mg/.

Be ready to hit the streets of Antananarivo!!



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