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House Beauty, Getting Embroidery on the Red Carpet

I was Born in Eku, Delta State, Nigeria, I am Isoko by tribe from Isoko North, Local Government in Delta State . I attended  Nana Primary School l and Hussey College respectively; both in Warri, Delta State, I am a Warri boy through and through. I studied Philosophy and graduated from the Department of Philosophy, from the University of Benin, Benin city, Edo State, Nigeria.There also I did my MBA!

An MBA? How did you end up in Designing? 

Actually,upon graduation, I discovered that I had a flair for designing.  If I could recall, I was an avid reader of Sunday Times Style Magazine.I bought lots of burda magazine. I had some tailor make some cloths from chiffon but it was a flop.  In 2005, I started a business which I called HOUSE BEAUTY. I started with the production of Wrought iron furniture; I went on to start producing various types of Throw pillows, Bean bags, Silhouette frames, hand embroidered frames and stenciled wood work.  Thereafter, I invented a needle technique to make hand made rugs; I had a few students. I had a ‘strange inspiration’ to apply the techniques I use in designing throw pillows to designing cloths. It was then Georgia’s clothing was born in 2012

How did you learn to do such an amazing design?

I  basically learned how to cut and make patterns on my own; Attended  a six month tailoring class for just a month. I was termed *Not serious*.  I would study burda patterns, buy second handed cloths, lose the seams and study how they were cut and sown, I also Watch fashion TV, style network and surf online for techniques and sewing styles from Alexandra Macqueen to Issey Miyake . The use of an embroidery machine to create my style of embroidery  was simply a matter of risk and  IQ. 

What’s your work rhythm and how do you like to work?

Well, I like working in an industralised manner. For any collection, I make lots of sketches first, with every design in mind, I go to our local market in Warri to sources for fabrics; there after I tag every fabric to my sketches. Before now I have already made patterns for the sketches I want to use…Cutting is the easiest part. I will then prepare my cut pieces for embroidery
Tell us about your design process from beginning to end and what is a typical day for you?
After cutting my fabrics, the design process, is the most important aspect… My mind automatically enters a mode..I need to create designs that are unique and cannot easily be copied .Since my designs are not premeditated, creativity with mono colour or colour blast is decided  there and there. Most times, I like working with multiple colors for flora designs to make my artistry more realistically aesthetic. This is very tasking. For mono colors I try to make my designs bogus and more elaborate.After the embroidery, I serge and sew and dry clean

How did you know there was a market for your product?
The issue of market was  secondary ,It is a fact that women always crave for new cloths…armed with an insight into female psychology, I felt I knew what women want. There are certain cloths they will like to have but such are not readily available. I knew I had a market.All I needed to do was to carve a niche style;unique, tasteful and chic

Who are your customers?

My target customers ranges from size zero to plus size.I particularly make lots of plus sizes cloths . It is market that has not been exploited. We also target Men . We also design  embroidered Shirts for men.

what do you specifically like about your designs?

Basically, My designs are fresh and new.Funny thing, I find people mistake my cloths for foreign finished cloths At most in Nigeria, lagos in particular,a few designers have started using my style of embroidery to design logos on their cloth. For me, I do a complete design process from logo to full clothing design.

What gives you inspiration for your fashion designs? Where do you sell them?
Everywhere! I could watch a particular program on TV, suddenly a design comes to mind. Generally, I then to look at unsual places to get inspiration to design.
Currently, we have a sales outlet in Warri. We are located at No 9 okumagba Avenue, before diamond bank, Warri, Delta State, Nigeria. All orders can be made via physical address or by phone

What part of your job do you like the best? and Least?
The part I like about my job is the design process. In a place like Warri where there are many copycats and few thinkers, my designs gives me the a dominant edge. Any tailor can cut and sew. But they will have to enter my mind to get my designs. Not possible. 
How will you rate the fashion design industry in Warri. 
The fashion design industry in warri have not yet matured compared to that of lagos for example where there are many designers. When I wear my cloths to lagos I get ‘hello excuse me, I like what you are wearing …’ In warri, they just stare, then they get a tailors to create a facsimile of what they saw on you..they can copy the style but they can’t copy the design…

Where did you hear about FabAfriq?
I got to know about FabAfriq from a web page that list magazines which promote African designer, fashion and life style.
Many thanks for reaching out. This is indeed inspirational and it made such a good read. Hope we get to see more of your designs. 

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