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How Did You Spend Your Valentine's Day?

Fabafriq covered an intimate valentine’s dinner hosted by Pullman Douala Rabingha, to celebrate love. Many lovebirds had the rare opportunity to “unleash their red passion”, under the moonlight by the pool. Here is 6 inspiring ways to ensure you have a wicked valentine’s day!

1.Choose a Theme
Pullman went with a Red and Black theme. We all know red is associated with love and passion. Pullman’s black touch in addition to the red clearly defines what kind of passion we are talking about. Black is associated with power. It indeed was a night to reveal the power of love!

2.Choose an Activity or Event
Are you an indoor person? If yes, then go for a private romantic dinner at home. If not, then let your passion for fun drive you mad! Do you like intimate dinners with other couples in love? Then Pullman’s Valentine’s dinner would have been perfect for you. The 4 star hotel invited couples to share a candlelit dinner by the pool. Talk of love in the air!
3.Choose What to Wear.
Nothing spells passion like red (right ladies?). And there is this perfect blend when you add some black to the red. You decide how you would like to wear both colours or one.

4. Choose your Menu
Whatever you settle for, just do not give in to the temptation to take anything you are allergic to. You do not want a bad tummy to ruin the evening. If you want to take the “in-vogue” step, then go in for a reputable chef.

5.Souvenir Souvenir
Do not forget to immortalize the moment with some romantic pictures you will share in years to come.

6.What happens after?
Well, that is for you to decide… and for us to somehow find out!


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