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I Do Chop Knuckle #Chombe. And You?

Chop Nuckle is a form of greeting done by hitting both fists and knuckles together. Also known as the 'fist bump', it is used to convey the "Welcome" or "Hello" spirit. This is a concept of friendship, goodwill, understanding and solidarity among various ethnic cultures. 
CHOP NUCKLE APPAREL is an urban street wear in Cameroon. Its inventory consists of women, men and children's apparel, street wear, casual wear, active wear, room accessories, which greatly draw from a gesture born out of social evolution.

By wearing Chop Nuckle' apparel, it means you are someone who understands that greetings really matters and a good greeting not only starts things off on the right foot, but it can also build a strong foundation for the future. Such a greeting can be so powerful that it can drastically put you or another person in a good mood.

Seeing how sexy the samples are on women, men and even children, I bet you will not resist getting samples for your family and love ones.

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