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My name is IGONI ARCHIBONG and i am not "your average Joe".

Most of you already know Igoni Archibong, but for the record, there is more than meets the eyes. Check him out, and what his manager says about him!

Photoshoot Concept:  "A big boy that lived large on crime, suddenly gets arrested and loses all his money, then later escapes from prison..."  

Name: Igoni Archibong
First movie: Family Business
Relationship status: Married
Secret admirer: I secretly admire Keri Hilson
Guilty pleasure: Smoking
Toughest principle: I must be the best that I can be
Currently shooting: Out Of Jail

Tiny little word for FabAfriq Magazine:  "We did it with African music, we can as well capture the world with all things African. I can see that FabAfriq Magazine is on that path as well; big ups to you!!! *wink* 

FabAfriq: Hi Egor Efiok let us go straight to business, we are excited and want to find out more about your new STAR,  who is Igoni?

EE: In less than 9 months of launching his acting and modelling career through his management, E4 PR, Igoni has already shot two movies playing lead with Nollywood A-listers and is about to cross over the seas for some International projects in the UK and the US. Igoni is also controversial and will not just do what every other person is doing if it makes him unhappy. For instance, he prefers his unwaxed chest look, as he finds it effeminate to wax his chest, so he is launching himself exactly the way he is. In his own words: My name is IGONI ARCHIBONG and i am not "your average Joe". 

FabAfriq: Whats his background?

EE: Igoni Archibong comes from a family of fourteen and was raised as a staunch Christian, with good moral standards. He is of Efik descent and is happily married with two children. 

A graduate of Human Anatomy from the University of Calabar, Igoni decided to be more adventurous and dabble into other fields that have always interested him. He undertook vigorous acting and singing lessons, voice training, fitness training, martial arts and has worked on an oil rig. He is also a trained stuntman. 
Igoni is indeed, a man of many talents. He is very eloquent and does a lot of reading and writing. He writes his own original quotes, poetry, short stories for children, various articles, biographies and erotica.
Igoni is a perfectionist and always researches and gets into the characters of his movie roles, as he believes that experience is the best teacher. He has been known to camp in rough areas like war zones, to get the hang of bad boy movie roles.
Additionally, Igoni is very street wise and can adapt to any situation. He speaks English, Ibo, Hausa, Efik and Dutch very fluently as well.
Outside his favourite hobbies, Igoni gets in touch with his softer side by doing charity work involving children. As an experienced good and loving father, his expertise is quite apt.

In my humble opinion also, if the unwaxed chest look could work for Sean Connery, then so can it for Igoni. And hey, with a body as HOT as his, he can get away with it. Who knows, Igoni might just be starting a new trend on the runway.
Immediately I put up a shirtless photo ☺f him on Facebook, ladies started tagging themselves to it; so that is a bold statement that albeit his look being a marmite thing (some will love the look and some won't), it is important to be yourself.

The photoshoot is an entire story, what is the concept behind this?

“The concept of this photoshoot is about a big boy that lived large on crime, suddenly gets arrested and loses all his money, then later escapes from prison and sails away on a boat to obvious freedom. As you are already aware, new prisoners are always stripped to their underwear before being given the prison uniform to put on. This is why you see Igoni stripping before he puts on the uniform. If you look at the photos carefully, you would see that they do tell a story from the beginning to the end. You can see him doing sit ups in prison like inmates usually do, you can see him escaping and then shooting at his pursuers, you can see him scaling the fence, then making that freedom phonecall, you can see him smiling during the phonecall, insinuating that the prison break operation was going to be successful...and so on until he sails away on the boat.

Igoni allowed his hair to grow on purpose for this photoshoot to give him a raw Bohemian look, hence the unshaven look; which is also quite typical of a rugged guy or a convict. He did this to make the concept believable and to excite the human mind with a racy theme like this. 
Also, Igoni likes to be different. Albeit controversial, he finds waxing his chest quite effeminate and wants to stand out by not just conforming to what everyone else does if it makes him unhappy. If the hairy chest could work for Sean Connery, then so can it for Igoni. It is a Marmite thing...some will like it and some won't. Who knows...Igoni might just be starting a new trend on the runway...

This photoshoot also captures Igoni in various moods: serious, moody, hard, vulnerable, happy, angry, meditating, vicious, sexy, cool, etc”

There is no need to say Ingoni is already making a fast way up the ladder, from where we stand, there is no stopping him. We have our eyes on him and you better keep yours on him too. Many thanks to the amazing Egor and we'll also like to thank her for her time and the pictures she's shared with FabAfriq magazine

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