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International Festival for Business 2016, 2nd Global Convention of Global Visionary Women Network


"I had a dream, I had a vision…that someday, every female child worldwide would become aware of her authentic identity, worth and potential, and take full control and responsibility of her life, regardless of her skin colour, background, culture, religion, or the circumstances surrounding her" Dr Forchap Sylvia Likambi

As part of the International Festival For Business 2016, the UK’s biggest-ever business festival, with business owners, investors and entrepreneurs from over 90 countries, coming to The IFB2016, The Global Visionary Women Network (GVWN) founded by Dr Forchap Likambi in association with ‘Behaviour Change’ award winning social enterprise, Voice of Nations (VON), will be hosting its 2nd Global Convention at The Exhibition Centre, Liverpool from June 22nd-24th 2016. The Theme of this year’s Global Convention is Female Leadership and Culture Change, aimed at converging some of the world’s leading and most successful female pioneers, visionaries, global change agents and aspiring leaders to examine how strategic thinking, culture change and transformational leadership can break down cultural barriers/precepts encountered by 21st century female leaders and aspiring leaders. Our objective is to identify and foster optimal organisational cultures/ethics that develop and promote exceptional female leadership and collaboration at all levels.

It will provide a global platform for well established female leaders, pioneers and visionaries/ entrepreneurs from various walks of life and nations across the globe, to connect in an exclusive 3 days convention at the heart of The IFB2016, and share their journeys, challenges, business/organisational culture and success strategies/leadership ethics with other thought leaders/aspiring leaders and institutions, with the aim of encouraging optimal organisational culture/ethics, teamwork, and excellence, required to bridge existing gender/culture gap.
The convention will create global awareness of current cultural perceptions about female leadership and its impact on gender equality; and discuss/deliberate on best organisational culture change and inclusive strategies to bridge the gap and promote inter cultural and transformational leadership.

Engaging and sponsoring this 3 day convention is an opportunity for businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals to promote their brand and gain national/international exposure. It’s also an opportunity for you to demonstrate a corporate social responsibility. Guests are expected from over 90 countries and there will be a wide range of media visibility. Find out more on the IFB2016 Official Site here: IFB2016
Follow this link to register or be a sponsor for this great event.





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