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Interview With Olatorera: CEO of Dressmeoutlet.com


After been featured by international media like Forbes , FABAFRIQ MAGAZINE has today the privilege to interview the CEO of Dress Me Outlet, Mrs Olatorera Oniru, an accomplished entrepreneur and a development speaker.

FAB : Can You Introduce yourself to the public ?

CEO:I grew up partly in Nigeria and the United States of America. I attended primary school at Maryhill Oyo, middle school at Queens College Lagos and high school at Leesville High North Carolina.In 2008, I graduated Cum Laude Honors with a degree in Business Administration/ Management and Entrepreneurship from NC A&T State University where I had served as a Senator for Academic Affairs, Founder and President of the Association of African Students, Tutor for Disability and Support Services, Campus Lead for Monster’s Diversity Leadership Program and during a time when I had also worked for General Electric under the Financial Management Program Internship.

Upon graduation, I accepted an excellent opportunity to work for Bank of America Merrill Lynch as a Senior Analyst for the Global Markets and Investment Banking group attaining my 2nd Fortune 5 company work experience. Working for Bank of America Merrill Lynch sums up one of the absolute best times of my life – working on Wall Street in the world’s greatest city that never sleeps – New York City, while leading million dollar initiatives supporting the optimization of revenue by investment bankers. I was one of the analysts at Merrill Lynch that led the 2009 Global Asset Services Initiative to integrate Merrill Lynch systems with Bank of America’s after the industry buyout and consolidation during the 2008 financial Industry crisis. During my employed years at Merrill Lynch, I also served as co-founder and president of Network of African Professionals in New York and as a Junior Board Member of CASA-NY (Court Appointed Special Advocates New York).

FAB: As the CEO of Dressmeoutlet.com, can you take us through the activities of your company? Are there other projects you currently handle or you are working on?

CEO: At Dressmeoutlet.com, we retail fashion, beauty and home goods from Africa to the world and all our activities are surrounded on achieving our goals and promises to our customers. Currently all other projects are interlinked to Dressmeoutlet.com from the Cocktails and Dresses event to the Creative Entrepreneurs Programs, the Style Champions Program and others.

FAB: With the emergence of several ecommerce companies in Africa, what is the unique selling point for Dressmeoutlet.com?

CEO: Highest-quality products, excellent customer service and outlet prices. We aim to make designer fashion more accessible and affordable. We also offer rush delivery services meaning we dispatch all orders within 24 hours. Orders arrive same day within Lagos and within 3 days nationwide and international 5-7 days or less! Most often, it arrives next day nationwide.

FAB: Your event Cocktails and Dresses: Largest Gathering of Made in Africa’s Best is set to honor 100 made in Africa icons, is there a reason for this? How will the 100 Honorees will be selected?

CEO: There’s a team currently conducting the research of all 100 Honorary Icons. These are Icons that have contributed greatly to the growth of Africa and specifically the Made in Africa movement – a movement that Dressmeoutlet.com and Cocktails & Dresses are built upon. These icons are known, they are engaging and inspiring people globally, they are listed in the world’s greatest publications and they have businesses or initiatives that are impacting millions of people in Africa.
FAB: Having spent over 10 years living in America how/what motivated you to stay connected to your African roots and still establish an ecommerce company with a mission of growing the African fashion industry.
CEO: My African roots never left me. While abroad I always came home and now I find it very difficult to live outside of Nigeria. Everytime I travel, within 24 hours I start missing home. There truly in nowhere like home. Nigeria has always been and will always be home to me. The people, the weather, the food, the challenges – all resonate with my life’s wishes and goals.

FAB: At 29 you have achieved a great lot for yourself, what will you be your advice to others who want to tread through the path of entrepreneurship?

CEO: Push your dreams. Don’t let anything stop you from doing anything great for the world. Focus on being and giving your very best in all that you do and the results will come.
FAB: In Africa, there is this belief that a girl/woman cannot achieve her dreams after marriage, what is your take on this? And how have you been able to juggle life as a CEO, a sought-after speaker, a mother of two children and a wife?
CEO: That belief does persists in some African homes. Every human being has a right to be great – to be who they want to be – and to excel regardless of age, gender, religion or any other segregation factors. My husband is super supportive of all my undertakings and vice versa. I think we all should get into relationships with people who believe in us, support us and have similar ambitions. Relationships should be mutual and of course our children come first. They make everything we work hard for worth it.
FAB: Apart from Cocktails and Dresses being a fashion sales and exhibition event, what else should we expect from this upcoming event? And how can one be a part of it?
CEO: Cocktails & Dresses is the foremost fashion industry event in Africa and an event no one wants to miss. We look forward to hosting all attendees and the who’s who. Distell is the official drinks sponsor and thus expect lots to drink and eat plus lots to see and be entertained while shopping and having a great time. Cocktails & Dresses is free to attend. Please register at www.dressmeoutlet.com/cocktailsanddresses:


l thank FABAFRIQ for granting me the opportunity to discuss about African Fashion Industry. It is an honor been interviewed by one of the leading Afro Lifestyle Magazine in the world. 


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