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Here Is Janita Francis: Face of Afro Hair & Beauty Live 2012

We love talents and fresh faces too! Janita Francis is undeniably a rising star, and a humble one too. She was appointed the official Face of Afro hair and Beauty Live 2012 and her life has taken a twist since then.  We have followed her progress  very keenly and it is  clear that Janita is going to be here in more than 40 years time. She is setting the pace and trending her way to higher heights.Follow our Interview with her

FabAfriq:Congratulations on being selected as the face of Afro hair and Beauty live 2012! Could you please tell us bit more about yourself?

Janita F: Thank you so much! I can't believe it, my first big campaign! I am so excited I can't wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for me.  I am 22 years old and I am mother to a six year old little girl.  I am currently studying to become a Legal Executive plus I love reading books too!

FabAfriq: When did you start a career in modelling?
Janita F: I first started modelling part time two years ago, but at the beginning of 2012 was the year I decided to pursue modelling full time.

FabAfriq: How has your life changed since you became a recognised model?
Janita F: Since becoming a recognised model my diary has filled up with shoots and events to attend.  I recently attended the Ok Nigeria Magazine Launch party which was AMAZING, so many different celebrities and inspirational people.  For me personally my confidence has risen tremendously.

FabAfriq: What are your expectations after this event?
Janita F:  My expectations after the event is to have networked and met a lot of different people within the industry as I would love to work with different designers, MUA's, Hairstylist and so on.  The Afro Hair and Beauty Live event is definitely the place to do so.  Not an event to be missed! lol

FabAfriq:What are the Difficulties in working in the modelling industry
Janita F:The difficulties with working in the modelling industry for me personally is the fact that a lot of agencies do not want to work with black models as we are seen as unreliable which is unfair and very stereotyped.  Another major issue for me is the fact that agencies want you to be stick thin, which is fine if you are a naturally small build but for the slightly curvier girls such as myself, I find it very appalling when you are told that you are to 'Fat' when you are only a size 8-10

FabAfriq:what makes you different from other models you have worked with? 
Janita F: All the models I have worked with are beautiful; we all have a special feature that makes us stand out.  I have been told that my unique features, eyes and skin tone are what make me stand out!

FabAfriq: what do you do outside your modelling profession?
Janita F: Outside my modelling profession I love spending time with my family, catching up with the latest gossip lol.  I am also currently signing up to be a mentor for a young child with a charity called kids Company.  This means a lot to me as having a young child myself, I am able to relate and understand the needs and support of a child.
FabAfriq: Do you get any support from your family?
Janita F: I have tones of support from my beautiful family and friends but my biggest support is from a lady called Angela Plummer who has been mentoring me and showing me the ins and outs of modelling, she has helped me to achieve a tremendous amount so a big thank you to her!

FabAfriq: The Obvious question... What would you say to someone who is keen on becoming a model?
Janita F: My biggest advice to anyone who is keen to become a model is to do your research.  There are a lot of agencies that just scam you out of your money.  If you can get someone who knows the industry very well and is willing to help you that would be very helpful and would definitely get your modelling career off to a great start.  I would also say that confidence is very important too because in order for anyone to believe in you, you have to believe in yourself first.  Having a good support network and people who will encourage you will motivate you even more!

FabAfriq: Congratulations, Janita, we are looking forward to seeing all the different that you get to do in the next year. We know it is going to be big, so please keep us up to date and all the best.
Janita F:Thank you so much for having me, it's been a pleasure!

Team Credits
Hair Adornment:Angela Plummer
Photographer:Arron Dunworth
Make up artist:Lauren Baker
Model:Janita Francis
Photographer:Abi Oshodi
Make up artist:Valerie Saint-Amand
Designer: Nkwo
Jewerelly: T&T

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