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Blessed Independence is Heavenly: Extraordinary wedding bliss of Jose and Mams

If you’re looking for a beautifully romantic wedding story to make you take the BOLD step, then Jose and Mams's story offers a luxury experience in the most breathtaking style. Here at FabAfriq, wedding stories make us happy! We love weddings, especially beautiful weddings with great concepts, décor and storyline to give the perfect finishing touches! This particular wedding story is one in a million and we could not wait to share it with our readers. What makes it even more exciting, is that we decided to take the storyline from the man’s perspective for a change.  Read till the end, and get a link to their website for more heart warming story from bride and the groom

Bride’s name: Mams Fonkeng
Groom’s name: Jose Fonkeng
Nationality: Cameroonians
Kids: 3
September 3rd 2011
Atlanta GA

From the Man's perspective
Mams and I met strangely in a public transportation bus on my way to Limbe with a friend. As I boarded the 16 sitter bus, sitting in the rear was this black, pretty innocent looking girl, holding tight onto one of Jean Racine's works entitled 'Britannicus'.( hmm, high school girl I thought). 
Sitting one row in front of her, I was dying to turn and take a second look at this ebony black baby. Questions ran through my mind as the bus set off to Douala. Her destination unknown kept me wondering where she would get off the bus without me trying to know her name. I kept my cool while my friend engaged her in small talks. We arrived at a police check point at Mabonji village.  After ID check, point, our bus broke down, right across from my aunt's house in Mabonji, what a coincidence! We all went over to my aunt's yard, where I was treated like a prince (I was one of course...lol).
Despite all the commotion and impromptu feasting , I still kept my cool and made sure my precious jewel (Mams off course) was comfortable as we waited for a replacement bus. I must confess my friend was a little too talkative and too close to her for comfort, but I said to myself “ na last fight we go know actor”. 

One thing I noticed was that my swag had an impact on Mams. A few eye contacts now and then..... I could feel her falling.... lol . 
We had our first date at my family house, where we spent time in my little room with “some fresh pealed pineapple, and a bottle of Malta Guinness a la carte”.  You could tell she was nervous from my parents being home at the time, but nothing stopped her from laughing at every joke I said. The day went by really fast; as I was left to think about this very passionate kiss I had before she left. (yes we kissed on the first date). 

Days passed, then weeks and from the “Old continent” -Germany, I sent a message to my soon to be wife. Things went quiet for a moment, then we picked up again from where we left when I went home for Christmas. During that time, I said to myself: “I don see my wife“. I left back for Germany and not too long after, destiny struck again, Mams moved to Germany to further her studies and the rest you all know it..... One happy man with a lovely wife and three lovely kids.

The proposal!
It was during our first trip to Maryland in the summer of 2001 visiting friends and family in the Silver Spring area. We happened to be attending a house function with some mutual friends, and I thought this would be a great opportunity to not only express my love for Mams, but also make everyone present to know that I was ready to take it to the next level.
With the help of our friend Mrs Yvonne Fomengia, the stage was set for me to pop the question. In the presence of mostly my K-Towners (list too long to mention names) I went down on one knee, pulled out the ring and from the bottom of my heart; with teary eyes, I asked; 

"Mams, my babe, my love, will you marry me?"... Very surprised, she looked at me with a smile on her face, paused for a second as if she wanted to tell me she would have to think about it ( my heart almost stopped...lol ) then said.. YES babe! I will marry you!!!
 It's been ten whole years, and I thought it would be nice to reassure my queen of how much more I want to spend the rest of my life with her. So one sunday evening at sunset, in a beautiful park in Snellville Ga, to confirm my heart's desire, (as if I wasn't sure of what she said 10 years earlier) I went down again on one knee and popped the question again. Her answer this time was .......hhhmmm. find out more vibes from their wedding website...link below! 

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