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Keeping Up with Milky Thomas - FIAFA 2019 Youngest Fashion Designer

Hello Fab Fam! It's the start of the Summer and what better way to usher in the season of colours than touching base with one of the youngest fashion designers in Cameroon - Milky Thomas. She's a 17-year-old fashion designer and owner of ML Fashion. Her brand encompasses handmade jewellery and clothes. We met Milky for the first time last year (Click link https://bit.ly/2rRyRDv for article ) and now, we caught up with the rising star to find out what she's been up to and most especially her recent FIAFA Award. Let's dive in, shall we?

FabAfriq Magazine: It's a year since your last interview with Fabafriq Magazine. Can you tell us what you've been up to in the past year?

Milky Thomas: Since my last interview with FabAfriq Magazine in May 2018, so many things happened. I participated in an art fair competition in my school, Enko Bonanjo International school again in May 2018 and won 1st place in Fashion Designing, got a trophy. Went to Lagos in July 2018 to showcase my design under a new style called “zig zag”. There in Lagos, my hidden talent was revealed thanks to Mr Hakeem Salaam. I participated in FIAFA 2019 on 17-18 May 2019.
FAM: In your last interview you mentioned school- work balance as your only challenge. Is that still something you struggle with? 
MT: Yes school- work is my only challenge. I am still facing challenges even more than before, Since I am left with one year to graduate from high school, I write so many essays, assignment, projects and also university applications. Apart from these, I do internships and participate in fieldworks where I can say that I achieved the most academically and obtained real life skills. Therefore, even though it is challenging, I do my best to balance both designing and school.
FAM: What's your vision for your brand in the next year?
MT: My vision for my brand in the next year is to grow and develop each step from the experience I gather through workshops and networking that would help me uplift my design. If you have seen from what I have showcased at FIAFA 2019, I have used Ethiopian cultural tissue combined with velvet in a modern design. This, I believe will help link African culture to the world in the Fashion Industry.

FAM: Every designer needs inspiration and an ideal space to create. What's yours?
MT: Actually I do not have an inspiration but it could be in the blood since my mother used to do some designs when she was a child. Therefore, it could be the DNA in me which I took from my mother upon birth. Designing is in me, I do it with passion.
FAM: You marched for your brand in Nigeria, during the parade a famous photographer noticed you, what happened?
MT: When I went to Nigeria, Lagos, to showcase my design at the Line of Culture in July 2018, in the event hall, an A list Nigerian photographer, Mr Hakeem Salaam, requested my mother permission to have a photo shoot. Initially, my mother refused but finally accepted his offer and we went to his studio the next day which took him the whole day to take a series of tight headshots as well as a few half-body photos. The process was tedious and complicated since it took hours of posing to get the perfect angle and achieve the best look. However, it was successful, my hidden talent, a face modelling, was revealed in Lagos and now I am a face of Miracle Voyage, a travel and tourism company in Douala.
FAM: Congratulations on your award for the Best Young Fashion Designer at the 2019 FIAFA Fashion show in Douala, Cameroon. How does it feel being recognized for your hard work and talent?
MT: It feels really amazing and wonderful when your hard work is valued, recognized. It gives you great satisfaction and helps you grow stronger.
FAM: What is the advice you can give to young people who want to become a designer like you?
MT: Follow your dream. If you are ambitious and ready to face anything to pursue your dream, go for it and never give up.

FAM: Thank you Milky, it is always delightful chatting with to you, we wish you all the best, keep shining.

MT: The pleasure is all mine.



Watch video below to see what Milky has been up to.  


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